It’s short, but for those of you interested, this is basically what’s said in the Beijing comment (lined with Chinese subs):

>(in Mandarin) Greetings.>I’m Shou, the vocalist of Alice Nine.
>Actually, right now I’ve come to Beijing.>It’s a very lovely place.
>We, Alice Nine, can finally hold a one man live in Beijing>on June 5th at Mao Livehouse.
>It’s the first time we’re doing a one man live in China>for everything, the beginning is very important>so I want to show everyone the best and funnest live.
>Everyone, please definitely come play.

photo i took of the blood moon <3
ft planet and strange green flair outline.
"Cherry blossoms along with the sound of rain falling, doesn’t it give off an elegant, luxurious atmosphere?"

Hiroto, Twitter, 4.3.2014 (via hellotime-being)