All done!
I was so excited to get the tape off this morning, but I went to sleep instead just in case the paper might still be a little damp. I am really pleased with the outcome, and with Cobalt Teal - gosh that is just the cleanest, prettiest teal-blue I have ever seen. All the M Graham paints I tried here were like that though, just… really vivid and clear.
The little white dots were made with frisket, and I almost forgot to pick them off. I only noticed because I was like wait.. browngreen spot on the watercan? mmmm…..
Next up… bonefishes maybe!

Blake Belladonna
Well I said Blake would be de next and TAH TAAD!! I really love Rwby team alt. outfit of every one!
soo next fanart will be Snow Angel!


5 minutes ago they were chasing the laser

i cant believe you fucking killed your cats with a laser you fucking monster

Photo of REITA of the GazettE for「ROCK AND READ 055」magazine.